Medicaid Planning and Back-Office Solutions
for Long-Term-Care Facilities

About Omega

Welcome to the future of skilled-nursing-care back-office solutions: We Are Omega. Our team understands that your focus can be pulled in only so many ways — so we removed the burden of billing, finance, payroll and purchasing off of your team and into the hands of our capable experts. Our team has helped care facilities across the U.S. experience increased collections, clearer, simpler financial statements and less inefficiencies, which can drain your employees’ resources and energy. The financial- and stress-reducing returns our partnered facilities enjoy, coupled with exceptional customer care, establishes Omega as the premier business office solution for skilled care facilities.

Medicaid Planning

Applying for Medicaid can be a discouraging process. With rules and regulations constantly in flux, it’s difficult to not only gather the materials necessary to apply but also to ensure your submission is optimized to guarantee acceptance. 

Omega is proud to offer a full-service Medicaid application division. We streamline the eligibility determination process, as well as the application and approval process so you can focus on your health — NOT on filling out forms. 

You and your loved ones deserve the best coverage possible. By partnering with Omega, you’ll gain access to an educated and dedicated liaison to the State of New Jersey’s Medicaid eligibility department. With Omega by your side, you can receive the coverage you need without the aggravation. 


We offer collections, pay tracking and full-service billing solutions.


All accounting-related services can be outsourced to our team.


HR and Payroll Management are provided with sensitivity, efficiency and accountability.


Omega’s talented team will offload every purchasing process from your hands.

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Billing poses scores of unique challenges to care facilities, particularly the detailed challenges posed by accounts receivable. Omega keeps your revenue cycles top-of-mind and increases your profitability by crafting personalized billing solutions for your SNF. Through technologically savvy payer tracking, smarter collection solutions and streamlined billing systems, Omega helps skilled care facilities achieve financial success. While your team tackles the incredible challenges of providing exceptional care, allow our expert team to handle the financial burden!


All care facility managers know that maintaining impeccable financial records is key to stabilizing profitability. The Omega team offers combined decades of experience in accounts payable, cash management, financial reporting and statements and expert guidance in all matters related to your finances. When so many aspects of your facility’s success rely on financial clarity and responsibility, can you afford to have anyone but the best handle these duties for you?


Your employees deserve — and require — a seamless, professional and reliable HR and payroll resource. Omega’s HR and payroll technology integrates into your current setup and provides a one-stop solution for maintaining facility compliance and evolving with constantly shifting laws and regulations. Our team fully manages setup, reporting, payroll and all additional HR duties, so you can focus on doing what you do best — caring for your residents and patients.


Making smarter purchasing decisions spells the difference between a financially sound facility and a struggling one. The Omega team can manage the full scope of the purchasing process from ordering from suppliers, to scheduling orders and keeping track of inventory. By handling all transactions related to purchasing, we can save you money by eliminating wasteful purchase orders, lighten the load of your team and provide detailed reports of all purchasing decisions related to your skilled care facility.

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